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multiple ITPs - mbrola voices


There is currently some momentum to make espeak-ng able to use mbrola
voices.  I am thus uploading them to Debian. Here is the list of ITPs:

Bug#896026: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-ar1 -- Arabic male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896027: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-ar2 -- Arabic male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896029: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-ca1 -- Canadian French male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896030: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-ca2 -- Canadian French male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896031: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-cn1 -- Chinese female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896028: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-bz1 -- Breton female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896032: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-cz1 -- Czech female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896033: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-de8 -- German-Bavarian male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896034: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-es3 -- Spanish female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896035: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-es4 -- Spanish male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896036: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-fr2 -- French female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896037: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-fr3 -- French male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896038: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-fr5 -- French Belgian male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896039: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-fr6 -- French male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896040: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-fr7 -- French Belgian male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896041: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-hb1 -- Hebrew male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896042: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-hb2 -- Hebrew female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896043: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-hn1 -- Korean male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896044: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-in1 -- Hindi male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896045: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-in2 -- Hindi female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896046: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-it1 -- Italian male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896048: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-jp1 -- Japanese male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896047: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-it2 -- Italian female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896049: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-jp2 -- Japanese female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896050: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-jp3 -- Japanese female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896051: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-ma1 -- Malay female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896052: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-nl1 -- Dutch male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896053: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-nl3 -- Dutch female voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896054: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-nz1 -- Maori male voice for Mbrola)
Bug#896055: Acknowledgement (ITP: mbrola-tl1 -- Telugu female voice for Mbrola)

They have the same structure, here for "Arabic male" (ar1)

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A; reported 2018-04-18
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Samuel Thibault <sthibault@xxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : mbrola-ar1
  Version         : 1.0
  Upstream Author : Faculte Polytechnique de  Mons  -  mbrola team <mbrola@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
* URL             : http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis
* License         : see the file readme.txt in the source zip: non-free as in
                    without source code, and for non-commercial, non-military
                    purposes, with and only with the mbrola package made
                    available by the author.
  Description     : Arabic male voice for Mbrola
 This package contains an Arabic diphone database provided in the context
 of the MBROLA project see: http://tcts.fpms.ac.be/synthesis/
 It provides an Arabic male voice to be used with the MBROLA