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Re: Lucas Kanashiro and Athos Ribeiro hijack my package

Athos Ribeiro dijo [Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 06:31:31PM -0300]:
> (...)
> I can not change what had happened here but I hope we can put this
> behind us and move forward.
> @debian-devel:
> I am sorry my past actions have been taking so much time of everyone
> else, which could be put into something more productive for the
> community.

Athos, I'm writing this mail as a reaction to what Lucas wrote about
your engagement, and knowing the energy it takes to run a real-life
technical meeting of people.

Erroneous process handling and failure in communication are something
that happens to us all, something that you will stumble upon sooner or
later. I hope this episode does not "scare" you away from Debian.

I processed a person through his New Maintainer process, and as a part
of our interview, I asked him for points he would change in our
foundation documents (in this case, the Social Contract). And, yes, as
he detected an incongruence, I prompted him to push the project to fix

My fault.

But he did propose a General Resolution (GR) to modify the social
contract. And there was quite a bit of backlash from the project,
mainly from old-timers who... knew how a similar GR went, many years

I feared this would push this new DD away from contributing to the
project. Happily, not only he became a very active DD, but works very
closely with some of the people that made the criticism of his
proposed GR. He put life back in the policy editor's role,
and... Well, no point in anonymizing details anymore, as only one
person fits the description I gave so far :-]

I hope, in due time, your story in Debian reads as this one.