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Re: problems in gjots2 and Debian

Hello Ian,

On Wed, Apr 18 2018, Ian Jackson wrote:

> IMO it would be better to abolish Uploaders in favour of fixing the
> original spec bug in Maintainers.  Also, easier, because as a
> practical matter, there is a lot of software that will fail if it
> fails to find a Maintainer field but won't really mind what it
> contains.

AIUI the tracker.debian.org team are working to make it possible to list
the package tracker as the package maintainer, I believe using the old
foo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address.

Then all co-maintainers of the package will
- list themselves in Uploaders
- subscribe to the package on tracker.d.o

In this way, we transition away from a semantic distinction between
Maintainer and Uploaders without having to change any tools.  It's much
less work than what you are proposing.

People who want to maintain the distinction can use the fields
separately but those who want maintainers to be on equal footing don't
have to.

Sean Whitton

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