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Re: problems in gjots2 and Debian

The Wanderer writes ("Re: problems in gjots2 and Debian"):
> If it really is intended that the listed Maintainer be on an equal
> footing with any and all listed Uploaders, and there's no semantic
> difference between these fields - just the arbitrary limitation that one
> of them can't have more than one entry - wouldn't it make sense to
> deprecate the Maintainer: field, and move towards using Uploaders: only?

IMO it would be better to abolish Uploaders in favour of fixing the
original spec bug in Maintainers.  Also, easier, because as a
practical matter, there is a lot of software that will fail if it
fails to find a Maintainer field but won't really mind what it

Please go ahead and push this.  Last time I tried to fix it, there
were too many objections and the whole thing was obviously too much
hard work.