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Re: libzstd_1.3.3+dfsg-2_multi.changes REJECTED

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@xxxxxxxxxx> (2018-04-18):
> I have, on occasion, written messages that I later (sometimes even
> immediately) regretted. What has worked well for me and helped prevent
> me from initiating or compounding situations like those you point out
> is this process:
> - Get upset over whatever the perceived offense is
> - Write the inevitably emotionally charged message (but DO NOT SEND)
> - Read the message back to myself, preferrably aloud
> - Delete the message
> - Turn down the "emotional dial" several notches and reconsider the
>   situation, with a specific effort to have more charitable
>   consideration of the actions of others involved
> - At this point, if a message still feels warranted, start from scratch
>   and write a more courteous message that focuses on the specific
>   techincal, procedural, or other issue, without resorting to emotional
>   arguments or other inflammatory statements (this step may have to wait
>   a day or more if the situation is especially volatile)
> I share it here in the case that others may find it helpful. This may
> be the sort of thing that is natural for some, but it was definitely
> not natural for me and I had to train myself to this.
> This approach certainly is not perfect, but I can personally attest
> that I have written and then subsequently deleted lots of messages
> that by any objective measure would have served to only worsen a
> situation. When I have failed to follow my own advice, I have without
> fail only made the situations in question worse.

Thanks for sharing. When I learned about the “postpone” variant years
ago, it kind of changed my life:
 - Write mail.
 - Postpone it.
 - Do something else.
 - When getting back to the topic, write a fresh mail without even
   looking at the old one.
 - Once a year, remember you postponed mails. Deleting them without
   reading them again is what works best for me; no need to get angry
   again, or sad at having been angry.

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