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problems in gjots2 and Debian

Wookey wrote:

> > > I had had a look at the new upstream quite a while ago and found
> > > several bugs so I reported them upstream and held off releasing
> > > to Debian.
> > >
> > > https://sourceforge.net/p/gjots2/bugs/
> Someone new to this can't tell from this message or that list of 20 bugs
> (none of which obvisouly have your name on), what it is about the
> package which is so buggy that a new version cannot be uploaded.

@Wookey, not to sound aggressive, but you must not have looked very
carefully.  The majority of the bug reports CLEARLY have my name on it
(both first AND last).

The problems have of course changed over time, so I truly cannot recall
every single problem of the last three to four years, some of them might
have been addressed and new ones introduced.  Why do you need to dissect
that now (not that I would object to that in a different context)?  The
latest problem with 3.0.2 is that the program simply fails to start for
me.  That's about as RC as it gets, right?  As I've said here (in my
very first mail, I believe), I was in contact with upstream.  Luckily,
the mail didn't bounce and their reply in the meantime has been that the
program works for them on Fedora but no other hint.  I was now planning
to investigate missing libraries.

@ALL, it seems like no matter what I say, no matter how I explain my
reasons, I cannot convince quite a number of people.  So, I plan not to
waste my time on trying anymore.  Steve is much better of getting to the
relevant points anyhow.  I certainly made mistakes, I would say they are
mostly cosmetic, questions of form I was simply unaware of, but others
perceive them differently.  I apologized, owned up to it and changed
course.  I had no ill intentions.  Yet, I'm still the bad guy for a good
number of people (I've been called "nasty" in private mail).

I get all this for maintaining a number of packages for 10+ years in
Debian and when I complain that one of the "packages I maintain" (!) AKA
"my package" is stolen from me?  I get basically told (by some) that my
packages in collab-maint are free-for-all to upload as they please,
demote me and disrespect my work as they please, I basically get told
that I'm not free to choose NOT to host on such a service by somebody
else.  WTF?  The aggressors who were the ones to violate proper
processes on the other hand get a public pat on the back for manly
behaviour and "no need to apologize" for failing twice.  OK, I got the

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