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Re: Lucas Kanashiro and Athos Ribeiro fixed my package and i didnt like it


On Tue, Apr 17 2018, Holger Levsen wrote:

> I really don't get the fuzz about your upload. As I see it, you fixed
> 4 problems and made 2 (easily fixable) mistakes, which could have been
> fixed easily if pointed out nicely, eg. via a bug. And the upload was
> definitly justified (even if done badly), as we have 0-day NMUs for RC
> bugs. (I'm not gonna count Rolfs mistakes here, nor his good work.)

A quick correction here: we have 0-day NMUs for uploads that include
nothing except minimal fixes to RC bugs.  If the upload does anything
else it is meant to go to DELAYED.

Sean Whitton

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