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Re: Lucas Kanashiro and Athos Ribeiro hijack my package

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 08:28:08AM +0800, Rolf Leggewie wrote:
> Dear fellow maintainers, dear Lucas and Atheros,

Hi Rolf,

> I'd like to use this opportunity to relay my experiences with Lucas
> Kanashiro (kanashiro@xxxxxxxxxx) and Athos Ribeiro
> (athoscribeiro@xxxxxxxxx). TL;DR Going purely by my "interaction" or
> rather the lack of it with them in the maintenance of gjots2, I have
> some doubts they are fit to be DD or DM.
> Let me be clear, I am not calling for Lucas Kanashiro to be stripped of
> DD privileges, but I would certainly like to raise my objections if
> Athos ever attempted to become DM or DD.  And I want to make sure that
> Lucas' behaviour is documented and known in case of a repeat.
> For many years, I have maintained gjots2 and a number of other packages
> in Debian, I am DM.  Towards the end of March, totally out of the blue
> Lucas and Atheros usurped maintenance of gjots2 from me without NMU, MIA
> or any form of communication with me whatsoever.  I am very active, both
> in Debian and Ubuntu, anything but MIA.  I have a working e-mail
> account.  About a week ago I asked them to reverse their changes which
> until today hasn't happened so I went ahead and did it myself now, doing
> their clean-up work.

Once again, I would like to apologize for the lack of communication on
my end. As I told you last week, before this message and before Lucas
was back from the MiniDebConf in Curitiba, I was really willing to make
things right.

> They might want to argue that gjots2 was poorly maintained and hasn't
> seen an upload to unstable for years.  That still would not give them
> reason to do what they did.  In fact, I have always taken my
> responsibilities seriously.  There are good reasons there was no
> upload.  If they had bothered to check the upstream bug tracker or the
> upstream branch at
> https://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/gjots2.git they would
> have surely realized I followed upstream closely.  It was simply that I
> was never satisfied with any of the upstream releases.  I have been in
> contact with upstream about this via bug tracker and e-mail (many of
> which bounced, so progress has been slow).  Even the latest upstream
> release 3.0.2 does not work for me and thus I would not upload it to
> unstable.  Agreed, gjots2 is not in good shape but it's not because of a
> lack of effort from the Debian Maintainer.

I am sure you have been taking good care of the packages you maintain
and will keep performing the good work.

> Lucas and Atheros hijacked my package and then failed to clean up after
> the mess they made despite being asked to do so.

I can not change what had happened here but I hope we can put this
behind us and move forward.


I am sorry my past actions have been taking so much time of everyone
else, which could be put into something more productive for the


Athos Ribeiro

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