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Re: Hi, I am blind


Le 15/04/2018 à 15:49, Steffen Möller a écrit :
> Hi,
> The problem with Debian for supporting blind users is that most of its
> developers are not (yet) visually impaired beyond wearing glasses. They
> don't have the devices which are costly and even if they had then they
> likely have nobody to test it. I have no immediate idea how to help that
> situation.

It is quite important that accessibility work not to be done only by
disabled persons. First because in free software, disable persons are
few. Next because to make an inaccessible program accessible, difficult
without any idea about what it looks. Major developers of accessibility
in free software have no visual problems: Orca is developped by
Joanmarie, GNOME accessibility by Alejandro Pinero, Debian installer by
Samuel, etc

To help, you can take as basis what Samuel Thibault explained at Debconf
2015 (Heidelberg). His talk explained many things. Other useful
resources are on Development page of the Hypra website.

To sum up, exploring a program via accerciser shows what it sends to
accessibility stack and how it is accessible. Running orca with -e
braille-monitor option shows what a user will read on a braille display.
brltty provides similar features for people without braille display
(Samuel does not have one). Finally, if devs could label correctly their
widgets and create correct relationship between them, it would help.

In Debian, the fact the installer is accessible is quite excellent. The
fact the accessibility is enabled by defautl in GUI is good. I think the
most effort needs to be done upstream now. Of course, see
https://wiki.debian.iorg/accessibility-devel for todo specific to
Debian. For example, adding a tag to mention if some package is or not
accessible would be a good idea.


> Cheers,
> Steffen