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Re: MBF proposal: python modules that fail to import

Helmut Grohne wrote...

> Note that autopkgtest-pkg-python is only applicable when the module name
> matches the package name. That's true for the majority of packages, but
> not for all (e.g. capitalization). Nevertheless, a lot of packages are
> missing the flag. Since I have the data at hand, I figured it would be
> easy to generate a dd-list of packages named after their module that
> lack the tag. You find that list attached.

> Christoph Biedl <debian.axhn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>    file

The src:file package doesn't ship python{,3}-magic any longer, the
change was two months ago. Mind to check how file got on this list?

    Christoph, otherwise happy to support qa efforts

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