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Re: Bug#895712: ITP: misspell-fixer -- Tool for fixing common misspellings, typos in source code.

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 11:53:15AM +0100, Lajos Veres wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Apr 2018, KAction@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > [2018-04-15 00:49] Lajos Veres <vlajos@xxxxxxxxx>
> > > [...]
> > >
> > > ---
> > >
> > > Reason: I have not found any sourcecode typofixer tool in Debian.
> > > Some users also mentioned that their life would be a little easier
> > > with a packaged version.
> >
> > Lintian supports some spell checking, including 'spelling error in
> > binary'. Maybe their power could be united?
> That sounds a great idea.
> Could you please help me to understand the scale of it and its potential
> requirements, subtasks?

Just to note that there is also the codespell tool, also available in
Debian as a package.

However, both Lintian and codespell only try to detect misspellings, not
fix them.  In Lintian's case this is kind of obvious - it is supposed to
operate on the result of a build (even if source-only), so it cannot
really figure out where the source of the misspelling is.  For codespell
I wonder if the author didn't try to include any fixing functionality for
at least one major reason: some of the misspellings it detects are false
positives, sometimes these are real words, or variable or function names,
or domain-specific terms, or even (at least for the hexer and stunnel4
packages that I help maintain) actual words *in another language* :)

So, hm, it may be nice to have a tool that also corrects misspelled
words, but IMHO it should either be interactive or, at the very least,
support some kind of per-project whitelist of words that it should not
really try to correct.

In any case, thanks for trying to make Debian better, whatever direction
this happens to go into!


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