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Re: Hi, I am blind

Thanks everybody, I will use the accesibility list to talk about this, sorry and thanks again
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> El 14 abr 2018, a las 20:45, MENGUAL Jean-Philippe <mengualjeanphi@xxxxxxx> escribió:
> Hi,
>> Le 14/04/2018 à 08:56, adri Orjales Vidal a écrit :
>> Hello, I am blind and I need to use a screen reader so I can use my pc. I am tired to use windows, and I wanted to start using Devian, but here I saw that the screen reader Orca is kilometers away from NVDA, non visual desktop access, wich is a windows screen reader very fast. NVDA is open source, and it is developed over python
> What kind of problems do you experience to say that Orca is less good
> than NVDA? In what context did you use it? You have to know that Orca
> good working depends of the desktop environment you use. Hypra uses MATE
> on Debian, and we set a bindings profile similar as NVDA one. Our
> regular users say that it is not different from NVDA, provided we do an
> adequate configuration. And more stable than Windows (less updates,
> notifications, etc).
>> I think that if you are able to add it in Devian I will be the happiest man in the world!!
> It is absolutely impossible. Because NVDA uses the accessibility stack
> of Windows, different from Linux. So writing again major part of the
> code would be needed. However, it is important Orca, which offers an
> excellent basis, to be improved. For this, we need your feedback. But
> again, it may depend on what you installed and used exactly. That is to
> avoid users to need to handle these problems that Hypra provides a full
> configured system.
>> If it is not possible, please you should update Orca, the screen readers are more useful when are low level of system development, so you must change the way to make it really useful
> Be aware of the fact Orca is developped by just one person and Hypra
> helps as we can. We have significant less resources by NVDA, funded by
> Mozilla and so on. So you cannot require things, free, not funded, and
> without giving details and staying general. The todo list is enormous
> due to the fact many developers do applications with accessibility bugs
> (Firefox, Libreoffice). While we can do priorities, users need to tell
> us which one, and precisely.
>> Please, blind people need help in Devian based distributions like itself
> And Debian need users contributions. Debian is a free software with
> volunteers and not supported by fundings for accessibility. So convince
> Mozilla to help us, to stop coding nonsense features inaccessible, and
> you will see the result will be neast.
>> Please feel free to visit the NVDA webpage
>> Nvaccess.org