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Re: Fw:Re: Urging for solution to the slow NEW queue process

Hi Andreas,

> The fact that the NEW queue is continuely growing is a sign that DDs are
> continuosely motivated to fill it up. ;-)  As Mattia said in his
> response patience is a feature you learn as DD and it is not a bad
> feature.

Thank you and Mattia for pointing that out.

And it would be better if the ftp-master site provide graphs indicating
"how much packages are processed". With these graphs one are
less likely to misinterpret the situation of the NEW queue.

> I have not seen any applause in this thread for your offer to help.  I
> hereby do this and thank you explicitly.  I have learned that e-mails to
> ftp-master work way worse than IRC via #debian-ftp.  May be you repeat
> your offer there.
> I personally admit that getting no response to e-mails is more draining
> on the patience than waiting for getting a package acceptet.  Thus
> knowing this alternative channel helped me a lot.

Sounds like a good way looking for help when next time I encountered
a problem alike. I just prefer email because conversations are archived,
while those in IRC are not.