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Re: Urging for solution to the slow NEW queue process

On 11/04/2018 17:00, Luke W Faraone wrote:
> I reviewed the relevant conversation in #debian-ftp. I think if you
> re-read it, the context makes it pretty clear that it was certainly not
> "laughing off the request" — you said something along the lines of "my
> destiny is sealed" and the response was, jokingly, you could be freed
> from that destiny by a rejection. [Then again, the conversation was in a
> language I do not speak, so maybe there's nuance that did not translate.]
> I can assure you that your request to join was not silently declined,
> and has yet to be processed due to lack of time. We have onboarded
> several FTP trainees since the August 2017 call, but they are generally
> done in batches.

Thanks, I'm glad if it was indeed just a misunderstanding, because it
has bothered me a bit. I'll hope to get feedback when a future batch is
processed, then.


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