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Re: Urging for solution to the slow NEW queue process

On 2018-04-11 16:04, Andreas Tille wrote:
On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 07:08:21AM +0000, Lumin wrote:
Briefly speaking, if a DD was told that "Thank you for your contribution
to Debian but please wait for at least 2 months so that your package
can enter the archive.", will the DD still be motivated working on NEW
packages??? Please convince me if you think that doesn't matter.

The fact that the NEW queue is continuely growing is a sign that DDs are
continuosely motivated to fill it up. ;-)  As Mattia said in his
response patience is a feature you learn as DD and it is not a bad

When I sponsor packages on mentors.debian.net, I often try to emotionally prepare the uploaders for an extended wait. The last few times I did, their packages were accepted in unstable within 24 hours, that's really fantastic!

I'm only a DM and I tried to apply for FTP assistant but got
nothing in reply from ftp-master. Now what I can do is just
repeating this topic again and urge for a solution.

I have not seen any applause in this thread for your offer to help.  I
hereby do this and thank you explicitly. I have learned that e-mails to
ftp-master work way worse than IRC via #debian-ftp.  May be you repeat
your offer there.

I personally admit that getting no response to e-mails is more draining
on the patience than waiting for getting a package acceptet.  Thus
knowing this alternative channel helped me a lot.

I had a similar experience. It didn't help that the one ftp-master member made a comment about laughing off requests to join the ftp team. If they didn't want my help I'd rather get a "sorry, we don't think you're experienced enough yet" rather than just nothing.


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