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Re: Debian Policy released

KAction@xxxxxxx writes:

> It breaks my workflow ;) I use pristine-tar(1) to store orig tarballs
> with their upstream signature in git.

> dpkg-buildpackage(1) do not extract orig.tar.gz from `pristine-tar'
> automatically, so I add `get-orig-source' rule that invokes
> `pristine-tar(1)' with proper arguments.

Have you considered using origtargz instead?  This is pretty close to the
use case it was designed for, and it's a standard tool that works with a
lot of packages in various situations.

get-orig-source in its initial conception was more intended to get the
tarball for a new release that you would then commit with pristine-tar,
not as a way of getting the source for the current release (although this
turned out to be very ambiguous and people interpreted it different ways,
which was one of the problems with the target).

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