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Re: Systemd user instance equivalent of dh_systemd_enable?

On Sun, 08 Apr 2018 at 08:26:13 -0600, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
> the package is dbus-broker, a replacement for dbus-deamon. You may have
> heard of it: there has been a short exchange about its packaging for
> Debian with its developers with the Debian dbus maintainers in Cc.

Sorry, I didn't see that conversation until now. Please use the role address
<package name>@packages.debian.org if you want to reach package maintainers:
mailing lists used to represent team maintenance often don't have
the entire team subscribed, particularly if the team maintains many
not-entirely-related packages (as pkg-utopia does), because the list
receives all the "messages to the maintainer" for every package that it
maintains, making it inconveniently high-traffic.

If dbus-broker is uploaded to Debian as an optional dbus-daemon
replacement, it will definitely need to be coordinated with the dbus
source package. Having the two packages coexist is probably not going to
be straightforward to set up, and if any diversions, alternatives etc.
are going on, all maintainers of the dbus package will need to be aware
of them.

I do not expect that dbus-broker will be compatible with every D-Bus
service in Debian. The one incompatibility that I'm reasonably sure exists
is that if the Exec= for an activatable service points to a command that
will fork (background itself) and exit 0, dbus-daemon tolerates this
(at the cost of worse error behaviour because it cannot tell whether
the service subsequently fails), while dbus-broker almost certainly does
not. This is inadvisable behaviour even with the reference dbus-daemon,
so I'd consider it to be a bug in the service, but unfortunately it can't
be detected statically.

It's unfortunate that current Debian infrastructure conflates the
concepts of "should receive every communication about all of these
packages" and "is a team": hopefully current/near-future work being done
on tracker.debian.org will address that.