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Re: Systemd user instance equivalent of dh_systemd_enable?

On Sat, 07 Apr 2018 at 18:18:11 -0600, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
> I'm working on a package that installs a systemd user instance unit file
> that needs to be enabled with
> # systemctl --global enable foo.service

I believe the only way to do this is currently to make
it be statically enabled for all users (ship a symlink in

What is the package?

Is it something that all users are going to want?

Is it something that makes sense to run every time any user logs in in
any way (ssh, console login, graphical login) or only on entry to a
graphical session?

Would it make sense to arrange for it to be socket-activated (like
dbus-user-session, gpg-agent, pulseaudio) or D-Bus-activated (like
gnome-terminal-server) or autostarted on login to a graphical session (via
/etc/xdg/autostart), rather than being started eagerly on every login?

(The way packages like dbus-user-session, gpg-agent and pulseaudio set
themselves up for socket activation is to have their *.socket unit be
statically enabled in sockets.target, but not their *.service unit in