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Re: Debian Policy released

Paul Wise <pabs@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 4:40 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:
>> I have some packages where the version is not encoded in the file name,
>> but must be extracted from the file content. Shall one keep
>> get-orig-source here to be consistent, or what would be the right
>> solution here?
> If uscan can find the right tarball, it will rename it correctly.
> If uscan cannot find a tarball, it will need assistance from a redirector.
> The fakeupstream CGI is a good place to add new redirectors.
> Please include some details and maybe we can add something.

I have a number of "uncommon" upstreams:

* aladin, download http://aladin.unistra.fr/java/download/AladinSrc.jar
  look for the VERSION string in cds/aladin/Aladin.java and remove the
  leading "v" (and for Pre-releases, download AladinBetaSrc.jar, or a
  ad-hoc named jar, like AladinSrcV10Premiere.jar).

* coyote, http://www.idlcoyote.com/programs/zip_files/coyoteprograms.zip
  look for the latest file date in the zip file (no upstream versioning)

* idlastro, https://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/ftp/astron.tar.gz
  similar (latest file date; no upstream versioning)

* mpfit, https://cow.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/down/mpfit.tar.gz
  Take version number from "Revision" in mpfit.pro and add the latest
  file date

* skyview, https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/current/jar/skyview.jar
  look for "Version=" in skyview.settings

* starjava-*, download via svn (subdir of https://github.com/Starlink/starjava)
  add the main LICENSE.txt file,
  get the version from build.xml property, and add latest file date
  (but download only tagged versions of starjava-topcat, starjava-ttools,
  and starjava-table).

The rules may change over time (since I try to convince them to be more
friendly here), so unless there is a flexible way for me to change them
myself, I doubt it would be a good idea to put it there.

But feel free to do so :-)