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Re: Debian Policy released

Hi Andreas

>> > 4.9
>> >     The ``get-orig-source`` rules target has been removed.  Packages
>> >     should use ``debian/watch`` and uscan instead.
>> Especially for this, my ‘debian/rules’ files thank you.
> While I really like to have this consistent approach but it seems I've
> missed how uscan can spot new versions in for instance untagged VCS or
> download files with changing content but no version number.  Is there
> some way to do this with something else than a manually craftet script?

yes, d/watch can use the qa.debian.org fakeupstream service to create a fake new release for every 
commit. I use this on projects that have very occasional (bugfix-only) commits and don't seem to be 
interested in actually making releases any more:


opts="uversionmangle=s/.*date=(\d{4})-(\d\d)-(\d\d)T.*/1.0.10+git$1$2$3/, \
    filenamemangle=s/.*date=(\d{4})-(\d\d)-(\d\d)T.*/1.0.10+git$1$2$3.tar.gz/" \
    https://qa.debian.org/cgi-bin/fakeupstream.cgi?upstream=github_commits_package_json/svn-all-fast-export/svn2git \

A version 1.0.10+git20180406 would therefore appear from a commit made yesterday and if I were to package 
and upload that version, that would also be the upstream part of the version string I'd use. With uscan 
integration, tools like the UDD Maintainer Dashboard also show when new commits are made.

(Thanks to Paul Wise for creating this a couple of years ago when I was musing on how to track this sort 
of upstream)


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