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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)

Clément Hermann writes ("Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)"):
> On 29/03/2018 15:11, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> > The nice part of Ayatana AppIndicator shared library is: if a desktop
> > shell does not offer the SNI service, then it tries to fall back to the
> > xembed-way of adding system tray icons to your panel / status bar.
> I remember reading somewhere that a limitation is that you can only use
> one type of click (no way to behave differently on right-click /
> left-click), so I guess in some cases the switch means also a new UI,
> right ?

Yes, that has been confirmed in this thread.

If that is a problem for a particular applet, then it can be avoided
by continuing to use the xembed protocol.

I'm not sure what library would be recommended for such an applet.
Mike, can you advise ?


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