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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)

On 29/03/2018 15:11, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> [stuff]

Thanks for this summary and your work on this.

> ### Ayatana AppIndicator API
> The Ayatana AppIndicator API is just one way of talking to an SNI DBus
> service. The implementation is done in the shared lib
> 'libayatana-appindicator'. This library provides an easy to implement
> API that allows GTK-2/3 applications to create an indicator icon in a
> panel with an indicator renderer added.
> In the application, the developer creates a generic menu structure and
> defines one or more icons for the system tray (more than one icon: only
> one icon is shown (plus some text, if needed), but that icon may changed
> based on the applet's status). This generic menu is sent to a DBus
> interface (org.kde.StatusNotifier). Sometimes, people say, that such
> applications have SNI support (StatusNotifier Interface support).
> The Ayatana Indicators project offers Ayatana AppIndicator to GTK-3
> developers (and GTK-2, but well...). Canonical implemented bindings for
> Python2, Perl, GIR, Mono/CLI and we continue to support these as long as
> it makes sense.

That sounds interesting. I maintain openpgp-applet [0] (both upstream
and in debian, which is in perl / gtk3 and currently uses the old
fashion systray.

However, I did a quick search, and I couldn't find the bindings for perl
you speak about, be it on CPAN or Launchpad. I probably missed it,
could you share a link ?

> The nice part of Ayatana AppIndicator shared library is: if a desktop
> shell does not offer the SNI service, then it tries to fall back to the
> xembed-way of adding system tray icons to your panel / status bar.
> In Debian, we will start sending out patches too SNI supporting
> applications soon, that make the shift from Ubuntu AppIndicator (badly
> maintained in Debian) to Ayatana AppIndicator. The cool part of this is,
> you can convert your GTK-3 application from Ubuntu AppIndicator to
> Ayatana AppIndicator and use it on top of any(!) SNI implementation, be
> it an applet based on Ubuntu Indicators, based on Ayatana Indicators or
> some other implementation, like the vala-sntray-applet or SNI support in
> KDE.

I remember reading somewhere that a limitation is that you can only use
one type of click (no way to behave differently on right-click /
left-click), so I guess in some cases the switch means also a new UI,
right ?


[0] https://tracker.debian.org/openpgp-applet, and
    https://openpgp-applet-team.pages.debian.net for the upstream