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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s) [and 1 more messages]

Hi Ian,

On  Mi 04 Apr 2018 15:51:35 CEST, Ian Jackson wrote:

The rationale is mainly about who does the X11 rendering [2].

Thanks.  I read your link.  Perhaps my use of the word `rationale' was
unclear.  I meant, what is the reason.  "In SNI the panel does the
rendering" is part of the design but does not explain why that
design choice was made.

The page you refer to says simply:

 | This led to a lot of inconsistency as each application were
 | responsible for the rendering and the behavior of their tiny
 | windows.

I discussed this when I wrote this:

> The motive for this change seems to have been to increase the
> behavioural uniformity of things in panels, but given that the plan
> involves changing every applet to use a new library, that could have
> been done without a change of protocol.

So as I say the desire for uniformity does not seem to explain the
change in protocol.

I haven't designed the protocol myself, but started fancying it some years back.

I guess the overall decision was to detach application / system indicator from rendering on Ubuntu platform.

E.g. the system indicators (that are special in themselves) run as a service and pump their stuff to the renderer. In Unity7 this was some gnome-like applet based on GTK. On Unity8, it was some Qt5/QML renderer. Furthermore, it was not running on X11 there, but on Mir. (Or rather: is running there...).

So cross-desktop-GUI-widget-toolkit was one part of the protocol switch decision, I guess. Uniformity another. Making things X11 independent the next. Just guessing here, but the hints are somehow evident.

Furthermore, Xembed is X11. In Wayland, I have heard, there is no

There must surely be a way in Wayland for one application to swallow
or contain another.  This is far from am unusual requirement.  (The
details of the Xembed tray protocol would have to have been redone, I

Is there? I'd be interested to know.

I still don't quite agree with all the design decisions here, as you
will see, but it's not my design or my code.  If I can continue to use
xembed indefinitely then I'm content.

I take this last passage with me from our exchange. Xembed support counts (and I have been there, too, even before this exchange).



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