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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)

Mike Gabriel writes ("Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)"):
> On  Di 03 Apr 2018 20:11:43 CEST, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Answers to 2 should ideally suppose that I want to continue to use
> > XID-based window embedding to make an applet which contains the window
> > from a separate X client.
> I am not sure, I am fully getting the application design, you have in  
> mind here. Do you mean X-embedding (this is about icons and systray  
> and the icons have menus and submenus) or reparenting? With X11  
> reparenting you can reparent X11 application 1 into X11 application 2.  
> (xterm has it even as cmdline option).

My applet has *both* of the above.  Firstly, the applet uses the
xembed protocol (via the tcl tktray package) to embed its toplevel X11
window into the tray (provided by trayer, although I don't see why it
shouldn't work with a full-on DE).

Secondly, the applet's tcl code makes a subwindow (using `frame
-container'), whose X11 window ID it passes to a separate program;
that separate program is given the window ID with -into and makes its
own window a child of the applet's.

So, overall, the subprocess's rendering is displayed in the tray; but
the tcl code handles user mouse input etc.