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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)

Hi Ian,

On  Di 03 Apr 2018 20:15:31 CEST, Ian Jackson wrote:

Mike Gabriel writes ("Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)"):
The nice part of AppIndicator shared lib: if no SNI provider is
running on a desktop, xembed gets used. (Very helpful on my favourite
desktop shell i3). So, as application developer, you can drop your own
xembed code, switch to Ayatana AppIndicator and get the xembed
fallback for free.

This seems encouraging for people like me who want to continue to use

Hmmm... The trayer package depends on GTK-2. I think that this will be your real problem in 2-3 years from now.

And... With some GTK knowledge, it could probably easily be ported to GTK3 and AppIndicator + Xembed support.

So, regarding the still-GTK-2 problem, some work needs to be done upstream'ish or it will vanish from Debian, possibly in buster+1.

Only disadvantage: application indicators don't have a right-click
menu, only a left-click or just-click menu. Also in xembed fallback

Is this a general property of SNI indicators ?
My n-m applet in trayer does have a right click menu.

The nm-applet in Debian has AppIndicator support disabled. If you build it with AppIndicator (see my patch in [1]) and you enable the AppIndicator code path with "nm-applet --indicator", you will see that the left-click and right-click menus have been merged.

Ah, ok. I see. This is painful, but alas. The xembed approach is
really on its verge of extinction. However, when Ubuntu dropped xembed
support in 12.10, I think it was, there was quite some noise going
through the community.

Is there somewhere I can see a rationale which explains why the
original protocol is wrong and why the replacement will not, itself,
need to be replaced ?

The rationale is mainly about who does the X11 rendering [2]. Furthermore, Xembed is X11. In Wayland, I have heard, there is no Wembed.


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=880169
[2] http://agateau.com/2011/statusnotifieritem-for-qt-applications/

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