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Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)

Chris Lamb writes ("Re: Upcoming shift to Ayatana (App)Indicator(s)"):
> Hi Mike et al.,
> > This is to make people aware and inform about an ongoing effort to  
> > replace Indicators in Debian
> Just in case it helps others unfamiliar with the entire concept of
> Indicators (I was until now!) here is some background info:
>   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators#Summary

That's very informative.

It's also rather worrying.  It does not seem to provide an answer for
users who like and have grown used to the existing arrangements, and
the behaviour of their existing panel widgets.

The motive for this change seems to have been to increase the
behavioural uniformity of things in panels, but given that the plan
involves changing every applet to use a new library, that could have
been done without a change of protocol.

I guess the MATE panel will continue to offer xembed support ?


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