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Re: Emacs and debian/changelog from git repos


On Tue, Apr 03 2018, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> When working in a source directory named foo-1.2.3/, and then hitting C-c v in
> debian/changelog, the mode smartly figures out the version number and creates
> and appropriate new entry 1.2.3-1.
> When working in a git repo where the directory is just foo/ this fails and
> the changelog just increments the previous version.
> Would anyone by chance have taught the Emacs debian-changelog submode to get
> the version number from the git tags?

The Emacs modes in bin:debian-el are badly in need of maintainance.
There are all sorts of problems, of which this is just one.

If someone is interested in doing this we would first want to break
bin:debian-el out of src:emacs-goodies-el and build bin:elpa-* packages
using dh_elpa.  Over the past few years we have been gradually breaking
packages out of emacs-goodies-el but progress has been slow.

Sean Whitton

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