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Re: New lintian warning: vcs-deprecated-in-debian-infrastructure

On Mar 23 2018, Ben Finney <bignose@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You need online access to make use of the above information in any
>> way.
>> If you want to contact the maintainer you need internet access
> With the maintainer email address, I do not need internet access to
> compose an email message. Without that information I can't.
>> if you want to visit the upstream homepage you need internet access
> With the upstream home page URL, I do not need internet access to
> bookmark a URL. Without that URL I can't.

Are that practical concerns or theoretical objections to the generality
of the statement?

You can still compose the email message, you'll just add the recipient
address later once you have internet.

Yeah, you can't bookmark the URL - but why would you? Just "bookmark"
the name of the package, and once you have internet access use the
(pre-existing) bookmark to the site that will give you a link to the
upstream homepage.

>> etc.
> So, there are plenty of uses for information that do not require
> internet access *at the time of using* the information.

Does "plenty" refer to the two examples you gave? 


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