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How to enable testing migration for packages Architecture: all but depending from Architecture: any packages


>> While simply setting the Architecture: all package to any that
>> intervention would not be necessary but that's simply wrong.
>> Unfortunately I currently see no better solution and wanted to bring
>> this topic up here.
> Make sure your arch:any package builds on at least amd64 and i386, which
> is where we check for arch:all packages installability.  That should be
> pretty easy in all but the most exceptional cases.

With my bioinformatics hat on, I'd like to say thay actually in the case
of scientific tools, particularly when looking at newer sequence
analysis/search tools, i386 support can not always be assumed -- some
tools or libraries explicitly target 64-bit only, or use specific CPU
features of non-i386 archs. Bowtie, BWA, or Spades are examples, and
they have caused instances of the problem mentioned my Andreas before

It has to be noted that providing such acceleration can be a major
reason for these new tools to exist, and they are adopted as the basis
for other tools quickly.


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