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Re: How to enable testing migration for packages Architecture: all but depending from Architecture: any packages

On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 10:19:25AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> its not the first time that I'm running into that problem:  A package
> that is Architecture: all depends from packages Architecture: any.
> These dependencies are not available on all architectures and thus the
> package does not migrate to testing.  The package paleomix is an example
> for this[1].

Indeed it happened already to you (or anyway, to -science and/or -med
It's not "not available on all architectures" but "not available on
amd64 and i386", and it's a detail configured in britney:

> by manual intervention of ftpmaster.  I'm just wondering whether we
> could find a better clue than forcing people to do manual intervention.

ftpmasters (as usual) have nothing to do with testing migration.
As usual, you will need to contact the release team and ask them to
force your package into testing.

> While simply setting the Architecture: all package to any that
> intervention would not be necessary but that's simply wrong.
> Unfortunately I currently see no better solution and wanted to bring
> this topic up here.

Why mailing the release team asking for a one-shot 'force' hint would be
It has already been done multiple times without any complaint…

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