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Re: What problem might happen when bumping soname without adding Conflicts:/Breaks:?

Boyuan Yang <073plan@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> * Upstream released new version and bumped SONAME to 2
> * -dev package didn't change its name
> * My mentor suggests that the new library package (libdframeworkdbus2) should 
> add the relationship "Conflicts: libdframeworkdbus1"

You do not want to do that.  It defeats one of the primary purposes for
changing the package name: allowing both versions of the shared library to
be co-installed.

> ...and such necessity is not reflected in the documentation. My personal
> thought is that with "smooth updates" (as described in [1]), the old
> library and the new library (with different SONAME) should be able to
> installed simultaneously on any Debian Unstable / Debian Testing system
> without any problem during the transition.

Yup, exactly.

> If that is true, the "Conflicts:" relationship shouldn't appear. The
> "Replaces:" relationship [2] should not appear as well because there
> won't be any file conflcts.


You never need Conflicts/Replaces for a normal library SONAME transition.

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