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What problem might happen when bumping soname without adding Conflicts:/Breaks:?

Hello debian-devel and mentors,

Recently I found a disagreement with my mentor about proper handling of 
library transition (bumping SONAME) and we agreed that we need some 

Transition documentation (written by Release Team) can be found at [1].

Some quick facts:

* We have a libdframeworkdbus1 with soname 1; it is a standard Multi-Arch 

    % dpkg -L libdframeworkdbus1 

* Upstream released new version and bumped SONAME to 2
* -dev package didn't change its name
* My mentor suggests that the new library package (libdframeworkdbus2) should 
add the relationship "Conflicts: libdframeworkdbus1"

...and such necessity is not reflected in the documentation. My personal 
thought is that with "smooth updates" (as described in [1]), the old library 
and the new library (with different SONAME) should be able to installed 
simultaneously on any Debian Unstable / Debian Testing system without any 
problem during the transition. If that is true, the "Conflicts:" relationship 
shouldn't appear. The "Replaces:" relationship [2] should not appear as well 
because there won't be any file conflcts.

We'd like to know that with transitions for library soname bump, is 
"Conflicts:" relationship needed / not needed in all circumstances and what 
problem might users / developers encounter if it is added / not added.

Thank you very much.

Boyuan Yang

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/Transitions
[2] https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/#s-replaces

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