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Re: interpretation of wontfix

Hello Don,

On Wed, Mar 28 2018, Don Armstrong wrote:

> The documentation of wontfix[1] currently allows for both
> interpretations, and I think both are OK, especially if that helps
> maintainers filter out bugs that aren't ever going to be fixed.
> I think that the use of wontfix+help can disambiguate between the two
> interpretations.
> For example:
> 1) wontfix: This bug isn't going to be fixed; don't bother helping.
> 2) wontfix+help: this bug requires too much effort to fix, so I won't be
>    working on it, but patches will be accepted.
> 3) help: I want to fix this bug, but I'm blocking on assistance from
>    someone
> But that's not documented at all.

Indeed.  This is the first I have heard of combining wontfix+help, and I
suspect I'm not the only one.

I am not sure I can distinguish between your cases (2) and (3).  Isn't
the reason you need assistance that it requires too much effort to fix?
Or are you distinguishing between needing help because it's too much
effort and needing help because you don't have the requisite knowledge?
(There is a sense in which these are the same thing.)

> Would a sentence: "Use the help tag in addition to the wontfix tag if
> you would still accept a patch that fixed this issue." to the wontfix
> description be useful?

Notwithstanding my comments above, I don't want to bikeshed, so yes, I
think such a sentence would be useful.

Sean Whitton

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