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One purpose of GRs (was Re: Bug#880014: Technical committee appointment)

Adam Borowski writes ("Re: Bug#880014: Technical committee appointment"):
> [Someone:]
> > [1] https://www.debian.org/vote/2016/vote_003
> Didn't we already lose enough time with this utterly pointless GR?

One of the main points of a GR is to enable us to:
 - test the releative strengths of feeling on sides of an issue
 - and then, to move on, with everyone respecting the result

You voted against that GR at the time, as is your right.  But, you
lost that GR by 289 to 13.  We, as a project, are overwhelmingly in
favour of it.  It's settled.  That means you should stop publicly
opposing its consequences in Debian channels [1].

If you want to vent somewhere about how it was "pointless" or
whatever, a good place to do that would be amongst your friends in a
bar or cafe, or your personal blog maybe [2].


[1] If you really want to overturn this GR, the right approach is to
try to get seconds for a 2nd GR to repeal it.  It must surely be
obvious to you that this wouldn't go anywhere good in this case.

[2] You'd best mind your tone if you're on Planet, I think.