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Re: New lintian warning: vcs-deprecated-in-debian-infrastructure

On Sat, 24 Mar 2018, Ole Streicher wrote:

> Joerg Jaspert <joerg@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > packages.d.o/packagename and you are there. Nothing else needed.
> packages.d.o does not provide a canonical URL for the repository.
> It is even more difficult: I have first to select the package name, then
> select the distribution, go to the tracker.d.o, and select one of the
> VCS links.
> Also tracker.d.o does not have a canonical URL for this (which would IMO
> be a more natural place): I can't just do a 
> git clone https://tracker.debian.org/<<package>>/vcs
> or put
> Vcs-Browser: https://tracker.debian.org/<<package>>
> into d/control (and be safe against future changes of the location).
> > Even independent of the underlying vcs, not hardcoded to git or one
> > provider of hosting it.
> Given the fact that nobody strongly questioned the limitation of
> salsa.d.o to git (and therefore the requirement to migrate from other
> VCSs), I would have no objection against git.d.o -- if using
> programmatically (f.e. via Python) you anyway rely on the specific VCS
> API.
Unfortunately that will never work properly for git:// or ssh+git://