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Re: Different priorities on different architectures

On Wed, 2018-03-21 at 23:18 +0300, KAction@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello!
> Recently I got report (and I can confirm) that libgdbm5_1.14.1-6 have
> different priorities on x86 and amd64. In source package it is
> optional, I checked.

The package priority is architecture-independent.  The reason for the
difference you see is that you're comparing dpkg status with the apt
cche.  The dpkg status will have the priority that was set in the
source package, whereas the apt cache will have the priority that was
set by the FTP team.  Usuaully these are the same but not always.

> I doubt it matter, but that they have different versioned dependencies
> on libc. Any suggestions, what else to check and how to fix?

This is not (necessarily) a bug.  Sometimes glibc changes the ABI of a
function, and sometimes only for some architectures.  The version int e
dependency will be determined based on the functions libgdbm5 uses and
whenever they were introduced or last changed ABI.  (These changes are
backward-compatible because glibc maintains the old versions as well,
and uses symbol versioning to distinguish them.)


Ben Hutchings
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