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improved alioth-salsa test script (calls for testing/improvements)s

So some of us have been working on streamlining the migration between
Alioth and GitLab, because clikety things are annoying.

At first, Christopher Berg wrote this script to trigger the GitLab API:


Good start, but it triggered a bug in the GitLab API that happens on
large groups, which means it's slow.

Then Raphael Hertzog made a script to disable repos on Alioth. I
"improved" it a bit by expanding and reusing the description file,
having worked on my own hand-made equivalent, for some repos I
migrated. That lived for a while in ~rhertzog but now lives in

And then I got tired of doing things by hand or waiting for Berg's
script, so I merge both scripts in a hacky Python script. It's a little
more polished, but maybe not as well tested. I migrated half a dozen of
my repos, and shaken out most bugs (I think!), but I would love to get
more testing. The script now lives in ~anarcat/bin/migrate-repo.

Documentation for all that stuff is in the Debian wiki:


The source code is in my home repo for now, but maybe it should live in
the salsa/ group (which I'm not a member of) or debian/ group (which I
am). Considering people can fork and send merge requests, I don't think
it matters much for now.


The README there has more details & limitations as well.

So hack and migrate away! From what I understand, the migration is going
quite well, and a large number of repos have already moved. Hopefully,
this will make it easier.

Feedback, bug reports, pull requests all welcome of course.

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