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Re: PTS, salsa and knowing if a Debian Maintainer has uploaded a point release.

On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 07:08:17PM +0530, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> >> Now if the package maintainer is just a DM, even (s)f he prepares a
> >> package, (s)he still needs the ok of a DD to upload/sponsor the
> >> package so it fit for distribution i.e. new, experimental or unstable
> >> and  ftp-mirror and that whole process.
> > This is not true. Please read https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer
> > I think you mean regular non-DM non-DD maintainers.
> Hmm.. I was under the impression that DM or Debian Maintainers do not
> have upload rights and only DD's have.
Well, limited upload rights is the only thing that DMs have that all other
people don't so I wonder what did you think they do.

> I am confused when I see packages such as
> https://tracker.debian.org/news/896579/accepted-qbittorrent-403-1-source-amd64-into-unstable/
> just to take as an example.
> There have been few packages where I have been confused as well.
> Now here it says -
> Maintainer: Cristian Greco <cristian@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Changed-By: Andrew Starr-Bochicchio <asb@xxxxxxxxxx>
> now what role does or did Andrew play in the above. 
All of them.

> Is he the uploader
> or just a reviewer of the work that Cristian Greco did ? Or is it some sort
> of team-maintenance thing, not sure.
The Maintainer: field in .changes is copied from d/control and doesn't
mean anything else.

But why are you asking this? Both these people are DDs, not DMs, as can be
easily seen in their email adresses.

> >> Now a user of the package is usually in the dark about this and there
> >> is a possibility of upsetting the maintainer even though the person is
> >> active on their own team.
> > The maintainer can also be preparing the package for uploading and you
> > cannot do anything to know that except asking them. And if they committed
> > the work in progress into the VCS the tracker will show that.
> where would it show ?  Please share an example so I know what to look for.

> > tracker could show RFSes though, like how-can-i-help does, actually I
> > thought it already shows them.
> >
> I see two packages which have RFS against them in how-can-i-help
> New packages waiting for sponsorship (reviews/tests are also useful):
>  - logrotate - https://bugs.debian.org/884697 - RFS: logrotate/3.13.0-1 ITA
>  - xml-core - https://bugs.debian.org/885641 - RFS: xml-core/0.18-1 [ITA]
> but neither one of them shows up in tracker.debian.org .  
That's what I've said.

> >> I looked at the tracker.debian.org BTS page and saw [2] 317711 which
> >> exactly talks of this kind of situation and more and this was filed in
> >> 2005 so it isn't something which isn't known, just hasn't been
> >> acknowledged.
> > It only talks about NEW. tracker shows binary NEW, though only in the
> > version sidebar, not in the news.
> > Do you know any other states which it should track? It's not clear from
> > your email.
> >
> Maybe I was not clear enough,  my concerns are not with the 'NEW' queue
> i.e. $ aptitude search '~n'  but for existing package updates also to
> have the info. of package updates done but not yet in the archive in the
> sidebar as well.
Why did you mention aptitude search '~n'?
"done but not yet in the archive" may mean anything, including a package
that exists only on the maintainer's machine. So I'm asking: what other
states do you want the tracker to support? Just RFSes?

> >> This unknowing became apparent to me when the debian-mate were doing
> >> packaging for the 1.20.0 release [3] and more recently when I am
> >> asking for a point release of qbittorrent [4] . In this case I know
> >> that the maintainer is usually pretty active and perhaps uses the
> >> package as well.
> > It's not clear what problems do you have with these packages and what are
> > you proposing to solve them.
> Simply, have a more effective feedback loop for know-how as to what's coming
> while at the same time create less bit of noise in the BTS asking for
> new point releases.
That's not specific at all, sorry. 

> The only other recourse I know  is to traverse
> https://incoming.debian.org/debian-buildd/pool/ and that isn't
> user/human friendly as it's machine-friendly.
incoming is processed quite fast, you don't get much by knowing that a
package is there.


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