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Re: library package with conffile and SONAME?

Philipp Hahn <pmhahn@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 3. And/or I can create an additional package "libtirpc-common" to just
> contain that single conffile and make "libtirpc[13]" both depend on it.
> This last option is AFAIK frowned upon as it creates yet another package
> for a single file.

> So whats the current best practice?

Policy requires 3.  Yes, it creates another package, but the ability to
install two versions of a shared library at the same time is vital to how
we do upgrades and is more important than avoiding the occassional extra

The other option is to version the configuration file so that each SONAME
of the library uses a separate config file, but usually that's worse for
the user and it's better to just have a separate config package.

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