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ANNOUNCE: new cme script to update package VCS-Git field


Since a lot of people are going to migrate their package repo from alioth to 
salsa, I've created a small script for cme to help update debian/control file 
for this new package repository.

Once you have updated your repo to the new remote (can be on salsa or anywhere 
else), run

 cme run set-vcs-git

This command will update Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git in debian/control (from the 
url of the "origin" remote) and commit the change.

The remote name can also be specified. For instance:

 cme run set-vcs-git -arg remote=debian

For help, please run:

 cme run set-vcs-git --doc


  cme run --help

This new script is available from libconfig-model-dpkg-perl 2.106 (and 
requires cme package)

All the best