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Re: FHS: Where to store user specific plugins / code

Am 09.03.2018 um 14:23 schrieb Georg Faerber:
>> Ian's comments are good for admin-installed plugins that the users can
>> use.  In fact there is good precedent for an app checking
>> /usr/lib/pkg/... for plugins installed from Debian packages,
>> /usr/local/lib/pkg/... for plugins installed by the admin from
>> non-Debian locations, and then finally the user's .config/pkg/...
>> directory.
> I guess we'll go with /usr/local/lib/schleuder then? Does this sound
> like a reasonable choice?

I don't think it's allowed for Debian packages to create subdirectories
under /usr/local, is it?

You could still read in plugins from this path in case it exists and
document that users ... aehm, admins ... shall create it and put their
plugins there.


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