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BuildProfileSpec: noguile profile?

Hello everybody,

the Build Profile Spec (https://wiki.debian.org/BuildProfileSpec)
currently defines the following set of standard "no${lang}" build
profiles to allow disabling specific language bindings / language
support in packages when bootstrapping a new architecture:

  nogolang, nojava, noperl, nopython, noruby and nolua

I'm thinking about submitting patches to add support for a
"noguile" profile to some packages to make bootstrapping a bit
easier.  That can of course be done with a profile in the
so-called "extension namespace", i.e. with a profile name of the
form "pkg.${sourcepackage}.noguile", but the question is whether
it wouldn't make more sense to have a standard "noguile" profile
in the same style as for the other languages.

Comments welcome :-).

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