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Re: FHS: Where to store user specific plugins / code

Hi all,

Thanks for your replies, and sorry for the delay in answering.
(Note to myself: Don't write such mails while traveling..)

That said, I think I wasn't clear regarding "user specific":

On 18-02-28 18:54:14, Georg Faerber wrote:
> Currently, we allow users to run / execute their own plugins, stored
> in /etc/schleuder/plugins. Obviously, that's not the right place, as
> /etc is for config files, not executable code. We would like to fix
> this, but are unsure which location to offer. The (empty) directory
> would be provided by the package, but the (possible) content would be
> provided by the user.
> Therefore, I'm wondering what's the correct place: Would
> /usr/local/lib/schleuder/plugins be sensible? If not, any other place
> which is more suitable?

Using "user" I meant not the real "end-users", sending mail, but the
"user" (an admin running a mailserver) who installs schleuder.


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