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Re: FTP Policy Development

Steve Robbins dijo [Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 01:15:35PM -0600]:
> (...)
> To me, one of the puzzling aspects is why the FTP policy work has been so 
> secretive.  The release team has a mailing list, tech committee has a mailing 
> list.  There is Debian Policy list.  It doesn't seem in congruence that the 
> ftp team is making their policy behind closed doors.  Should it not flow from 
> Debian Policy and be debated on open lists?
> Or maybe it is all open and I simply haven't found it.  If so, I would 
> gratefully accept pointers.  Concretely: where would one find the 
> deliberations behind https://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html ?


Not that I know much about how ftp-masters work internally. But I have
been on several other Debian teams. In general, all decisions are
taken in the public - But it is by far not uncommon to resort to
private communication for many of the non-obvious, contentious
cases. There are *always* cases where you want to discuss something
without the affected actors being part of the loop.

Yes, Debian as a whole strives for openness, and you will often see
calls to "get out of private" whenever interesting discussions taking
place. But I would perfectly understand and support a ftp-master
workflow that routinely involves private communication - Their
decisions, although non-personal in nature, can be *felt* as personal

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