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Re: Rant about Debian reproducibility environment

Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 |Steffen Nurpmeso writes ("Re: Rant about Debian reproducibility environment"\
 |> But despite that and the possibly correct observation that placing
 |> just about any environmental info in any non-system-dependent
 |> object you can close the issue that is my rant, but will not get
 |> away from the fact that you cannot expect exactly identical binary
 |> outcome on two different build hosts, unless the actual build
 |> environment is the same to the detail.
 |This is true.  But it is why the folks promoting reproducible builds
 |have made tools which can reproduce the build environment.
 |I think your implication is that the reproducibility is theoretical
 |and therefore not useful.  I appreciate why you might think that, but
 |the reproducibile builds folks have made it practically possible, so
 |it's not true.

While a bit off-topic, in November 2017 i shortly thought about
jumping over the big package maintainer hurdle of Debian and
installed it (the only Debian i ever had was 3.0 "Woody").  I have
used netinstall, and unselected all possible checkboxes (no X11,
no cups, the rest if have forgotten).  This resulted in i think
one and a half gigabytes of download.  I even had LibreOffice,
which i never had around until then.  (It was of course
_completely_ unusable here, even opening a menu required half
a minute.)  Now i know how it looks!  I had to shutdown the VM
hard, because i was unable to find a button or way to open
a console or at least command line input window.  (And i became
frustrated because moving around the cursor was _so_ slow, i think
every move caused swapping or something.)


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