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Re: Rant about Debian reproducibility environment

On 2018-03-01 18:17, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> But last week Paride committed "fixes"[1] after having been
> prodded by some third party, and indeed, now S-nail is
> reproducible on all Debian test boxes.  The fix was to set the
> built-in identification for the OS build environment to all
> "Debian", i.e.>
>   OS=debian OSENV=debian OSFULLSPEC=debian

I don't have very much to add to what people that are more knowledgeable
than me about reproducibility issues (and Debian in general) already said.

While I've got hinted to look at those three variables in order to make
the package reproducible, the decision to generically set all three of
them to "debian" was mine. This can probably be made more specific
without breaking the reproducibility, but adding uname(2) information is
probably the right thing to do.

Suggestions on how to improve the package (well, any of the packages I
maintain) are always welcome.