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Re: Updated proposal for improving the FTP NEW process

Gert Wollny writes ("Re: Updated  proposal for improving the FTP NEW process"):
> The only option I see for doing this in the BTS would be to ask the ftp
> team to file the reject messages as a new bug against the source
> package. I refrained from proposing this because this would mean filing
> a bug against a package version that is not yet available in Debian. 
> Since the re-upload to NEW would have the same version like the version
> the bug is filed against, the BTS might get a hiccup. For that reason I
> originally proposed doing this with the salsa issue tracker.

Personally I think this Debian practice of reusing version numbers for
different packages is absurd.  If a package is rejected by ftpmaster
(or by a sponsor, for that matter) the resubmission should have a new
version number.