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Rant about Debian reproducibility environment


Let me please first introduce myself, my name is Steffen and i am
the maintainer/developer of the "SysV mail/BSD Mail/POSIX mailx"
application S-nail, which is quite happy to have found a Debian
maintainer with Paride Legovini just recently.

I try to make it short, but i want to say i am thankful for the
spark that reproducible-build.org was for me.  Even though i think
it is a pity that $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is the sole indicator for
reproducible environments, since now that programs can adapt..,
but, well ...  So that allowed for some generically known and
accepted reproducible environment, and that is what i have
implemented for S-nail, with a test framework that is built upon

For i think years the Debian reproducibility of this MUA has
therefore been a given fact for x86_64, but not for i386 and the
ARM machines.  At the beginning i looked, but found that the cause
was on the Debian side and did not look any further no more.

But last week Paride committed "fixes"[1] after having been
prodded by some third party, and indeed, now S-nail is
reproducible on all Debian test boxes.  The fix was to set the
built-in identification for the OS build environment to all
"Debian", i.e.,

  OS=debian OSENV=debian OSFULLSPEC=debian

And at this point please let me quote something i have written to
Paride.  (Paride, i hope you do not mind that i quote myself!)

  And when i look at, e.g., [2], i see

    -behave:s_freeze-6: ok
    -behave:s_freeze-7: ok
    +behave:s_freeze-{6,7}: shell sets $TERM, skipped

  and this seems to be caused by

    +I: Adding a custom variable just for the fun of it...
    +I: Changing /bin/sh to bash
  And, of course, if there is a different kernel version, or
  a different uname(1) output as such, then how could a dumb end
  producer[consumer, the author] like S-nail deal with that?  We
  hardwire those attributes into the binary, like many other
  programs do, e.g., "mutt(1) -v" output.
  Honestly, i do not think that having "Debian" as the sole
  identifier in output of for example "s-nail -Xversion -Xx" just
  to satisfy a broken reproducibility test can be useful.

And to end with a quote, too:

  I mean, maybe it still is for Debian, and one could always ask
  for uname(1) output in a bug report, but .. let me wonder,

(I am not subscribed, in case you start communication.)

  [1] https://salsa.debian.org/debian/s-nail/commit/c855c08b733e314b6f1823149bbff783f8017060
  [2] https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/debian/logdiffs/unstable/i386/s-nail_14.9.6-2.diff.gz

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