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Re: Systemd dependencies

> > Actually it's the other way round. I need my program, clamsmtp, to
> > start before postfix. I haven't checked with the other MTAs to be
> > honest. So I guess I could try only adding postfix and see if
> > somebody
> > reports a problem.
> No, this is no reason to introduce such sequence points.  You don't
> even
> know that the MTA runs on the same system.

I did not say I wanted to require it. I just wanted to make sure it's
started before the MTA if there is one on the system. 

As a matter of fact I haven't had time to really debug the problem, a
first glance just showed me that on SysV system it always starts
earlier and never had a problem but since I added a native service file
it doesn't work anymore. This made me wonder if I missed any

So again, not absolutely sure if it helps, but I don't understand why
defining a sequence like this would be harmful.

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