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Re: Packaging examples

Hi Kip,

On Mon, 26 Feb. 2018, 09:34 Kip Warner, <kip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This installs the example files as expected in
/usr/share/doc/foo/examples/, but I was still left to wonder what the
best practise was given that dh_installexamples(1) exists and seems to
want to do the same based on the contents of debian/foo.examples?

Not all upstream Makefiles are that good. My preference would be if their Makefile is doing the right thing then use that and have no debian/foo.examples file.

The main thing is that the example files get put in the right spot and it's clear to someone how those files arrive there.

The only other catch is to ensure the install-examples or whatever the Makefile target is called is actually run; either directly out of debian/rules or as part of the Makefile install target.

 - Craig

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